Careerteria is a Dubai-based recruitment agency that makes perfect partnerships happen. Our expertise lie in the hospitality, retail and F&B support sectors, and our strongest pool of candidates are currently residing in Ukraine and Russia.

Careerteria is proud of our continuing partnership with the biggest Ukraine-based human resources consultancy agency. Our partner is a team of on-the-ground employment experts with access to thousands of highly-skilled and exceptional hospitality staff throughout Eastern Europe.

We work very closely with key contacts in the thriving, skilled cities of Europe, plus an increasing number of countries every day, to make sure that we can target, communicate and tailor for interview, exactly the right people for the role in question.

Every job, employer, business and expectation is different, which is why Careerteria establishes the exact requirements of each position from our first contact with our clients – in real terms. We know that you have unique standards, and that certain qualities will really shine within your team, so it is vital that we make this missing link to find your perfect match, time and time again.

In fact, we are so confident that we have your next all-star employee, that we take the responsibility of finding an alternative, or even returning our fee, should things not work out.

Careerteria regularly travels with clients to our strongest regions to aid with large-scale recruiting, and this is often how the most successful and in-depth interviews take place. If it is a small search you require, we can arrange very wide, or very tight, screenings of candidates that cater to your own time restraints and communication preferences.

And we’re fast! Every Careerteria client is surprised at the speed we work at, and we see no reason why you should not have a stack of sparkling CVs in your inbox within two weeks of alerting us to the job you need filled.

When it comes to service, we are certain you will not find a closer connected, niche recruitment agency in the UAE. We are proud of the part we play in improving local and international business, and we certainly have experience! The founders of Careerteria have been through every stage of a much lesser quality employment process at the start of their own careers.

We know the mindset of both employer and the employee in the situations we encounter every day, and can advise both sides on what to expect and what to offer. We are on hand from the first phone call, through to the daunting, but awesome, life change that comes with working in the Middle East.